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Andy Davie completed his IVA in 2006, he now advises 1000s of others on their debt problems. He is a regular poster on the support forum and is happy to provide free debt advice.

Andy works for Vincent Bond & Co as a professional debt advisor. He can set up a DMP, IVA or even assist you with bankruptcy. If you would like Andy to help you then please contact Andy.

Andy has been through the debt spiral and knows how easy it is to fall into - and what is required to successfully get out of it. Lots of people are in debt and managing your way out of debt can be hard at first but once you have made the decision to sort them out - it gets much easier.

Andy Davie wins National Debt Counsellor of the year award
Andy Davie on BBC News
Andy talks about his experiences of an IVA and how he managed to resolve his debt problems.
Andy Davie interviews Martin Prigent of TIX
(The Insolvency Exchange)
Andy talks to Martin Prigent and discusses the recent changes in IVA creditor voting.
Andy Davie interviews Steve Nicholson of the CCCS
Andy talks to Steve about the CCCS and their new VA division. Andy also discusses the budgeted allowances for people in an IVA.
Andy Davie Publishes book on IVAs
IVA Book 'Real life IVA Stories' (by Andy Davie)
from Amazon

Andy regularly comments in the media, acting as a consumer champion on all matters concerning credit and personal debt. As well as actively engaging with the press to help get the voice of the consumer heard, Andy regularly posts on the forum and also keeps a blog (


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I am in the position to pay in full my IVA. Company are talking about secured loan. (by: Lisa Thomas)
Looking for mortgage advisor. (by: Adam Davies)
Secure Trust closing current accounts (by: Adam Davies)
Equifax Notice of correction!!!!! (by: wannabedj)
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Andy Davie's Blog
Young pushed to payday loans
House price boom
Andy Davie, Debt Counsellor of the year !!!
Britons need more savings to make them happy
What can bailiffs do ?
Council refuses to pay out after bankruptcy
Britainís got talent star battling bankruptcy
Fairpoint in the red
Itís only debt
HMRC preventing closure of IVAs

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Really professional and quick responses to any questions
Would highly recommend ...

13 April 2016

John Feedback:
Dear Andy, Thank you for everything that you have done for me. Mccambridge Duffy have been ... more
13 December 2015

Lazaro Feedback:
Hi Andy,I would like to thank you for all your assistances regarding my IVA in the last 5 ... more
09 November 2015

Sean Smith Feedback:
Very impressed with prompt response and advice given. Thank you. ... more
09 February 2015

D Hall Feedback:
Right from the outset Andy put my mind at ease and gave me the confidence that I could get ... more
13 October 2014

Alex A Feedback:
I would like to thank you for all you & your colleagues help to sort out my problem, GRE ... more
06 October 2014

Sam Feedback:
If you are struggling to pay your debts, avoiding answering calls or hiding when someone ... more
19 August 2014


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"Andy Davie ( Welcomes OFT's Warning over Misleading IVA Mailings"
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"Andy Davie ( Welcomes OFT's Warning over Misleading IVA"
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